About Alliance Française d'Atherton

The Alliance Française d’Atherton (Inc) was founded in 1975 with the aim of promoting the French language and culture on the Atherton Tableland. Its first secretary was M. John Huon de Navrancourt, who remained a key figure for the next 20 years, frequently serving as its president. He is fondly remembered as the promoter of the annual Joan of Arc celebration, held in Atherton throughout the 80s and 90s.

The Alliance continues to provide French conversation and language classes led by a French native speaker. There is a library of French texts and videos that members may use. Members also enjoy many and varied cultural activites such as film-evenings, trivia, luncheons and dinners. New and existing members are always welcome.

About Alliance Française Worldwide

The Alliance Française, founded in 1883 in Paris, is a cultural non-profit association. Among its fathers were Victor Hugo, Louis Pasteur and Ferdinand de Lesseps. Their aim was to promote meaningful cultural dialogue and friendly relations between the peoples of the world through the promotion and teaching of the French language. The Alliance is made up of over 1100 branches in 134 countries, with more than 35 000 students per year. There are more than 30 branches in Australia, and all of these have joined into a Federation which has its headquarters in Canberra. Delegates of the Federation meet once a year to discuss common interests in teaching French and arranging cultural and social events for their communities. Through the Federation, the Atherton Alliance is affiliated with all the Alliances Françaises world-wide and it receives a small annual grant from the French government to help it achieve its objectives.